Metal Edge Int’l is the leading designer and manufacturer of Metal Edge Boxes, a unique box style that combines an appealing “retro” look with unrivaled strength and durability that also offers repeated re-use value.  Metal Edge Int’l also manufactures Corner Metal (Fastay) in a variety of colors which it uses internally and sells to packaging companies around the world along with semi-automatic Air Stayer box assembly machines, which are used to manufacture Metal Edge Boxes. When used as a system, the Metal Edge Box blank, Corner Metal and the Air-Stayer box assembly machine produces the finest, strongest and best- looking box available in any market worldwide.
Custom Boxes >
Custom Metal Edge Boxes can provide the very best in product protection, strength and "Good Looks".

Fastay / Air Stayer >
The Metal Edge Air Stayer and Corner Metal (Fastay) is a complete packaging method engineered to individual customer requirements. The Air Stayer is used to assemble box flats with Metal Edge Corner Metal (Fastay). The machine can be run with unskilled labor and permits unlimited flexibility in most packaging situations. Simple to operate and changeovers from one box size to another can be done in only a few seconds. A truly simple and easy machine to set-up, operate and maintain.

Tote Trays >
Custom or Stock Tote Trays are ideal for handling, storing and organizing all types of parts and similiar materials.
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Metal Edge International is a leader in providing custom packaging solutions. From design through manufacture, our innovative packaging solutions offer answers not easily found elsewhere. Metal Edge International has extensive expertise in Metal Edge box design and converting, box assembly systems, folding carton manufacture, dispenser box design and manufacture, cutting edge and tear edge application systems, and custom blade solutions for the food service foil and film cutter box market, worldwide.