Metal Edge Int’l offers a complete range of dispenser blades, cutting edges and blading systems for consumer, catering and institutional size film, foil and paper markets. Our cutting edge product line includes individual blades and cutting edges, spools of metal blades and equipment which is used to install cutting edges on unfinished boxes. Beginning with our low-cost (BME) blading system and profile serrated edges to our patented Slip-On safety blades and Slide Cutters, Metal Edge Int’l offers a dispensing solution for any market.
Custom Boxes >
Metal Edge Int'l designs, makes prototypes and produces custom cutting edge dispenser boxes.
Slip-On Blades >
Slip-On Blades from Metal Edge Int'l are safe to handle, install and use. Burr free with all rounded edges and a unique Anti-Nest / Anti-Lock design, Slip-On blades can be tailor made for most any film, foil or paper dispensing application.
Slide Cutters >
Slide Cutters are an easy, safe, clean and exact way to dispense food wrap. Choose from two track styles to meet your product, market or package objectives.

Profile Blades/BME >
The Profile cutting edge Application System is by far the lowest cost and easiest to operate blading system on the market today. Able to apply continuous cutting edge blades from 4 inches (100mm) up to 25 inches (635mm), no other blading system has this flexibility and delivers such a high quality blade. Recognized as the highest quality - blade on the box -  catering foil & film blade - on the market.  


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Metal Edge International is a leader in providing custom packaging solutions. From design through manufacture, our innovative packaging solutions offer answers not easily found elsewhere. Metal Edge International has extensive expertise in Metal Edge box design and converting, box assembly systems, folding carton manufacture, dispenser box design and manufacture, cutting edge and tear edge application systems, and custom blade solutions for the food service foil and film cutter box market, worldwide.